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What is a Hyperspace?

Welcome! You probably know about the scifi trope of hyperspace, a dimension beyond normal space and time that allows faster-than-light travel, sometimes with scary monsters. In this context though, I'm pretending it means hypertext webspace. A personal site, with hyperlinks. Yeah.

Who am I?

My name is Faye, I'm a nonbinary person living in southern California. I'm a computer technician by trade but I see myself as a writer in my private life. I have a lifelong obsession with scifi and fantasy, to the exclusion of most other things. I indulge in recreational computer programming, and I practice some arts and crafts (illustration, sewing, jewelry). I also really love red pandas.

What's an alicorn?

I don't know.

How to contact me

Email me! It's my username at SDF dot org. Please do it my inbox is so empty. I'm also a little active on Mastodon. My twitter is currently locked, sorry!