What is a Hyperspace?

First of all, welcome! This hyperspace is my personal website, where I self-publish my writing, provide background information, and put up anything else for public digest. The name is a play on hypertext and webspace, and also invokes the popular speculative dimension used by many sci fi narratives to allow faster-than-light travel. I hope you find something of interest!

Who am I?

My name is Faye, I'm a nonbinary trans woman living in southern California. I see myself as a writer and a tinkerer. I have a lifelong love of sci fi and fantasy, I indulge in recreational computer programming, and I maintain skills in a number of arts and crafts (illustration, sewing, metalwork). I also have a deep love of animals, especially red pandas, and I share them on social media all the time.

How to contact me

Lately, I can be most easliy reached on Twitter. I am far less active on Mastodon. You may also email me by my username @ SDF's primary URL. While I am accepting of comments and constructive criticism, please do not expect a timely correspondence as I am usually quite busy.

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